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Corporate Social Responsibility

Employees’ Health

Comprehensive Employee Healthcare Programs

Taiflex believes employees are important asset to the company, so we offer comprehensive employee healthcare program. Based on analysis of our employees’ annual health examination reports, we formulate an annual health management plan that meets each individuals;’ needs and seeks to improve overall health of our employees.

On-site Medical Staff

In-house nurses and contracted physicians allow our employees on-site health advice, evaluation, follow-up care, referral or medical service plans. Health measurement services such as BMI evaluation and high blood pressure examination are regularly made available to our employees so that they can better monitor their health data and condition.

Physical/Health Examinations of Operators

We offer physical and health examination tailored for different groups of executive personnel. The examinations cover more elements on a more frequent basis than the ones that stipulated by the law. We also partner with local hospitals to provide our employees with certain medical screening for free, including cervical/colorectal cancer screening, mammography. By so doing, employees would have comprehensive knowledge of their health.

After the examination, our in-house nurses are in charge of health anomaly detection and trend analysis, which will then be discussed with the on-site doctors for designing healthcare activities and projects.

Healthcare Activities

We organize healthcare activities such as seminars, health courses, and aerobic classes. There are also weight-loss competition to raise the employees’ awareness of health and weight management.

In order to prevent infectious diseases (such as flu) among our employees, we offer on-site influenza vaccines as well as educational influenza programs.

Health Management for Employees on Business Trips

To ensure employees’ health on business trips, before the trip, employees receives advice from our in-house nurses on their health condition (e.g. do's and don'ts for employees with chronic diseases), health information on their destinations, and medical kits for any acute symptoms.

Aiming for continuous improvement, Taiflex will keep strengthening its health management model and striving to be the best company to work for.