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Corporate Social Responsibility

Customer Service and Supplier Management

Taiflex's core value is fully demonstrated throughout our supplier management. We take suppliers as business partners to establish long-term relationship for a stable and sustainable supply chain for FPCs, PV backsheets and insulated metal substrates. The evaluation of potential supplier partners is based on our forecast of product trend and demand, market development, our procurement strategies as well as the suppliers’ capacity, ability to innovate, quality, prices, services, and management systems and performance. As part of our evaluation process, a cross-function evaluation group of procurement, Quality Assurance (QA), R&D, and technical personnel evaluates and verifies a new supplier's capabilities. On the premise that a win-win situation is created for everyone, we work with our suppliers to reduce production costs, and to prevent and reduce supply chain risks. This not only increases our competitiveness at home and abroad, but also ensures quality services to our clients. Together with our suppliers, we make CSR commitment.