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Announcement pursuant to Subparagraph 3 of Paragraph 1 of Article 22 of Regulations Governing Loaning of Funds and Making of Endorsements/Guarantees


1.Date of occurrence of the event:2017/10/26
2.Name of the company who receive the monetary loans, its
  relationship to the Company who extend the loans, ceiling
  amount on the monetary loans extended,  amount of loans
  originally extended, amount of the current additional loans,
  whether or not the board of directors authorize the chairperson
  to give loans for the borrowing counterparty; total extended
  amount of loans and the reason for loans as of the date of
  occurrence of the event:
(1) Company name: Shenzhen Taiflex Electronic Co., LTD.
(2)Relationship with the Company: Subsidiary, 100% owned by the Company
(3)Loan ceiling: NT$1,388,444 thousand dollars
(4)Original loan amount: NT$0 thousand dollars
(5)Current additional loan amount: NT$424,200 thousand dollars
(6)Whether the board of directors authorized the chairperson to give loans
to the borrowing counterparty in installments or to make a revolving credit
line available for the counterparty to draw down: Yes
(7)Loan amount as of the date of events: NT$424,200 thousand dollars
(8) Reason for the current additional loan: To meet the increasing working
capital need
3.Content and value of collaterals provided by the loan recipient, if any:
(1)Content of collaterals: None
(2)Value of collaterals: NT$0.
4.Capital and Accumulated profit/loss of the loan recipient
  according to its latest financial report:
(1)Capital: NT$193,020 thousand dollars
(2)Accumulated profit/loss: NT$28,669 thousand dollars.
5.Method of calculation of interest:Based on the contract
6.Terms/conditions and date for repayment:
(1)Terms/Conditions: Based on the contract
(2) Repayment Date: 1 year from the date of first drawdown
7.The Company’s total amount of monetary loans extended
  as of the date of occurrence of the event:NT$1,636,200 thousand dollars
8.The ratio of the total amount of monetary loans extended
  to the Company’s net worth on its most recent financial
  statements as of the date of occurrence of the event:23.57%
9.Sources of funds to extend monetary loans to others:
Financial institutions, the parent company
10.Any other matters that need to be specified:N/A